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Connect to an MSSQL Database running on a Docker Container

Running an MSSQL Database inside a Linux Docker Container can be done for many reasons. You might want to host your dockerize your whole web application or even the DB part of it. When using such a Container you want to have an easy way to see the content of the Database. For that we can use the SQL Server Management Studio tool.

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How to solve the "ERROR [IM002] [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified" error when setting up an ODBC connection

Lately I was setting up a web application inside a Docker. container which communicates via ODBC with a database. In order to be able to query the database, I had to add the name of the database and the credentials into the odbc.ini and odbcinst.ini files. My queries were failing with the following message: “ERROR [IM002] [unixODBC][Driver Manager]Data source name not found and no default driver specified”

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How to install Windows SSL certificates into your Docker Linux container

When using web applications inside a Docker Container you might come across SSL certificates that have to be installed on the running Container. Things get a little bit more complicated when you want to install Windows certificates into a Linux Image. Following you can see the steps to achieve this task.

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A work-in-progress list of my favorite Git commands

I was planning to write an article as a reference for the Git commands I use the most. In the following list you see these commands and an explanation for each one of them:

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How to keep the IIS Application Pools always awake

When working with “9 to 5” web applications you deal with idle time periods where the users submit few or no requests to specific services of your application. In that cases the first request landing to a service hosted on IIS will take much longer than usual because the service was in sleep mode for better management of resources.

We can avoid this behavior and keep our services in an always-running mode by applying the following three configurations in IIS:

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How to solve the "project.assets.json not found. Run a NuGet package restore to generate this file" problem in .NET Core applications when using MSBuild

While I was developing a .NET Core web application and wanted to automate the build process in VSTS, I got the following error, when I was triggering the build:

Error: Assets file ...\project.assets.json not found. Run a NuGet package restore to generate this file. Process 'msbuild.exe' exited with code 1.

The issue here is that needed .NET Core files are missing, when we start build our application. I solved this problem by defined an extra initial step in my build process.

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