How to fix the "Unable to retrieve child resources. This request is not authorized to perform this operation" error on Azure Storage Explorer

If you use the Azure cloud for hosting your application, chances are that you are also using a Storage Account and you are accessing its content via the Azure Storage Explorer tool.

If you are all of the sudden get the Unable to retrieve child resources. This request is not authorized to perform this operation error, then a possible reason for that is that the IP you are using to connect to Azure is not yet white-listed

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The complete guide on how to update your Jekyll blog to the latest version on your Windows machine

I lately had to install Jekyll on my new machine for some local development and realized that I should also update the Jekyll version of my blog. With this guide I am going to show you the steps for updating your Jekyll blog and how to fix a number of possible errors, if your blog or its dependencies are outdated.

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Azure DevOps - Get the capacity of your team in the current sprint programmatically

Microsoft Azure DevOps provides a solid way of tracking your team-progress while using the scrum principles.

Nuget Packages with WebApi Clients are provided for accessing your team information via code. For example you can access the queries of your team, the work items of your backlog and much more!

In this article we will focus on getting the capacity of the current sprint for each member of your team. This is the code snippet that does our job:

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Secure your Azure Functions while in development

Azure Functions are compact and lightweight chunks of code hosted in Azure cloud and can be accessed via HTTP. Since these functions might access sensible data of your application, you want a safe way to call them.

When you are in the development phase, you can use the Host Keys which is a way of authenticating yourself when calling an Azure Function.

When in production, you will have to change to App Service Authentication, since the Host Keys should not be stored in the client’s machines.

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The Reference vs. Value Types with an easy to understand example

In this article I would like to use a simple example for presenting you the difference between a Reference and a Value Type. Such an example shows us how careful we have to be when dealing with properties of different types. Consider the following class and list in C#:

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