How to exclude a file from TFS source safe in Visual Studio?

Often you want to include a file into one of your Visual Studio projects, but you do not want to check it in TFS. Such files can be for example .css files generated from sass or less files or JavaScript files created automaticaly after TypeScript files are compiled.

Visual Studio provides a way to perform this task. Unfortunately it is not as easy as it sounds…

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How to fix the "duplicate identifier" error in TypeScript

When working with TypeScript, there is a big chance that you will have to deal with a “duplicate identifier” error sooner or later.

But what exactly this error means? Read the error text again. Duplicate identifier. You are defining, with other words referencing, the same identifier (class, method, property) twice in your code.

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Ever wondered how the null coalescing operator || works in JavaScript?

For those who are wondering what exactly the null coalescing operator is, consider the following example:

var a = null;
var b = a || 10;
console.log(b); // It will log 10

It is very probably that you already used such code in your programs. In the previous example, with the || operator we are practically set the number 10 to variable b, if the value inside variable a is null.

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How to fix the "Invalid tag value. This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit." error when using the jekyll-sitemap gem.

After I installed the jekyll-sitemap gem on my Jekyll website and tried to register the generated sitemap in my Google webmaster account, I received from Google the following error:

Invalid tag value. This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit.

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How to save time, mouse clicks and keystrokes by using keyboard-shortcuts in Visual Studio.

The following list contains my favorite keyboard-shortcuts in Visual Studio:

  • ctrl + K + C (Press Control, K and C): Comments out the selected lines of code.

  • ctrl + K + U (Press Control, K and U): Uncomments the selected commented lines of code.

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