Store .NET objects inside an Azure Table Storage and then retrieve them back in their original type

Non-relational databases are becoming more and more popular as a solution for storing your data. Cloud solutions like Microsoft Azure also get more popular with every day.

Currently Azure supports two types of “NoSQL” databases in the Azure portal. The one is DocumentDB (the NoSQL option in the main menu of the portal) and the other is the Table Storage (from the Storage accounts option in main menu). Do not confuse this Table with the tables of a relational database, they are not the same! A detailed analysis of the differences and similarities of the two technologies is beyond the purpose of this article, but we can summarize them to the following points:

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The subscription is not registered for the resource type components in the location Central US error when creating a new Azure Web App in Visual Studio

With the Azure cloud solution from Microsoft we can create a new web application with Visual Studio, deploy it as a Azure Web App and “go live” in only few minutes.

I recently was faced with the “The subscription is not registered for the resource type ‘components’ in the location ‘Central US’” error when I was trying to publish my new web application to a Website (or a Web App) in Azure. Either starting from scratch with a web project and doing the mapping or by using the Publish option of an already created project, I was getting the same error. Visual Studio tried to publish the application to Windows Azure with no success.

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How to create a .gitignore file for Visual Studio projects in Mac

If you want to store your source code in a repository that uses Git, you often have to create a .gitignore file which contains a black list of files that should not be committed to the repository. If now you are using Visual Studio for your projects the need for such a file is even bigger since this IDE creates a number of files (.exe, build, bin folders, etc.) that are only needed on your local machine.

With the release of Visual Studio for Mac we need to create a .gitignore file for our Visual Studio projects by using our Mac.

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Vertically center one or more lines of text with CSS. The old and the new way.

Aligning text on the vertical center of a div element is a task we do every once in a while when we style our web applications. Moreover, we have to support more than one lines of text. With the introduction of the display: flex property this task has become a one-line case. However, there are still plenty of browsers, even newer ones, which still do not support this property. Here you can find the browser support for display: flex.

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Create a linked list with TypeScript

A linked list is a data structure, in which each element contains a value and has a reference to the next element in the list. The value of the element can be practically anything, from a string or a number till a complex object and these values can either be sorted or unsorted and unique or duplicated.

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