How to use Postman when testing .NET Core WebAPI actions with FromBody and FromForm attributes

Postman requires no introductions and plenty of resources about this tool can be found online. However, while testing I recently noticed, that the binding of JSON objects to C# primitive types or POCO classes is not documented in detail.

We are going to see different scenarios of binding while we test against a .NET WebAPI and try to answer the question “why my action is not getting called when everything is set up in Postman?”.

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How to solve the 502.05 Process Failure error when debugging your application in Visual Studio

Recently while I was trying to test a demo application with .NET Core I came around the following error message when I was starting the application using F5:

The 502.05 Process Failure error

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A "work in progress"-list with the Docker commands I use the most

With the start of 2019 I began using Docker Containers in the projects I am working on. Working with a command line tool (Windows Powershell, etc.) is essential when creating new containers. In the following list you can find the commands that I use the most:

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Deserialize a JSON string into a C# object and set custom values into a property of that object

This week I had to deserialize a JSON string into a collection of C# objects. The class of these objects contained not only the properties that map directly to the JSON properties but also an extra property which I wanted to fill with values based on the values of other properties of the object.

Let us consider the following simple POCO class and its container, which is a simple array of Students:

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How to use the fileinputname parameter inside your template items in Visual Studio

A Visual Studio Item Template allows us to generate new files with code, so that we avoid having to manually create them. This automatization is very practical when we need to create similar classes more than one time. A template is being offered as option in the “Add new item” dialog of Visual Studio:

Add new item dialog in visual studio

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