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    Remove modified files from a Git Pull Request but keep them with their changes on your local branch

    The scenario described on the title of the article happens pretty often. You committed files, pushed them to a feature branch and created a new pull request to merge them to master. However, maybe you accidentally pushed modified files, for which work is still in progress and you do not want them on master yet. So now you want to remove specific files from the pull request but keep the changes you made in these files locally. How?

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    The reason behind the "Cannot implicitly convert type System.Threading.Tasks.Task to XXX"

    A quick article this time about an error message in C# when dealing with asynchronous code calls.

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    The way to have two or more Jekyll blogs in your Git Pages website

    I wanted to split my blog into two separate blogs, one for my technology articles and one for everyday tips and tricks, so I searched for a way to do that on my Jekyll website which is hosted on a Git Page on GitHub.

    Unfortunately Git Pages do not support the version 2.0 of the jekyll paginate plugin which would allow me to split the posts into Categories and iterate on each blog over a specific category.

    Here are the steps I followed to solve this problem:

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    Why is my HiddenFor property having an empty value in the MVC4 view

    When dealing with ASP.NET MVC you might use hidden fields to pass values of model properties from the view to an action of a controller. So you will find yourself writing something like that in your view:

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    How to prevent Model Binding of UI properties to the MVC Model in your .NET Core application

    We are dealing here with a security risk for your .NET Core application. Suppose you are having the following MVC model in your .NET application and the user can edit in a UI-form her Firstname and Lastname. The property Age cannot be edited on the form. The business logic tells us that it will be filled later. However, the user, with the help of simple tools such as Postman or Google console debugger can edit the Age property. Let us see how we can block such actions.

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