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    How to register and inject multiple implementations of one interface in .NET

    There are times when you want to register multiple classes which all implement a common interface. One example could be a IValidationRule interface which is implemented by different validation rules, lets say NameNotEmptyValidationRule and the NameRangeValidationRule. We want these rules to run in order and validate user input. Let’s see this example in form of code:

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    My three favorite client-side performance measurements you can do with the Performance API

    Lately I had to do some client-side performance measurements of a website. In the old days I would have to use the now() method of the Date object, however, we are now provided with the Performance API with some very handy methods. Let’s check together my three favorite measurements.

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    How to migrate your code for uploading files from .NET Framework to .NET Core

    I recently had to migrate code, for uploading Excel, files from an older .NET Framework application to a new one which is based on .NET Core. I would like to share my learnings with you in a “before and after” form.

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    Use the HAVING keyword to count duplicates in rows of a SQL table

    There are times when you want to find out duplicated values in rows of a SQL table. We are going to use the HAVING keyword to list the values that are present more than one time. Let us consider the following table with three columns and three rows:

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    Use the Fetch API to download files with their original filename and the proper way to catch server errors

    The Fetch API provides a handy way for downloading resources from the internet via JavaScript code. In my case I used it to download Excel sheets from the back-end of a web application. Let us check the code together and clarify things with the help of comments.

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