How to fix the "Invalid tag value. This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit." error when using the jekyll-sitemap gem.

After I installed the jekyll-sitemap gem on my Jekyll website and tried to register the generated sitemap in my Google webmaster account, I received from Google the following error:

Invalid tag value. This XML tag has an invalid value. Please fix it and resubmit.

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How to save time, mouse clicks and keystrokes by using keyboard-shortcuts in Visual Studio.

The following list contains my favorite keyboard-shortcuts in Visual Studio:

  • ctrl + K + C (Press Control, K and C): Comments out the selected lines of code.

  • ctrl + K + U (Press Control, K and U): Uncomments the selected commented lines of code.

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A list of helpful and often used commands of the npm package directory

The following list contains npm commands that I use practically every day while working with packages in my node.js projects:

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Create a drop-down list with custom options text and value in Angular

It is a common practice that the text of the options of a select drop-down box is a combination of a shortcut and it’s full text label.

For example consider the following array of JSON objects that a server might return:

var countries = [
    {"shortcut": "DE", "label": "Germany"},
    {"shortcut": "GB", "label": "Great Britain"}
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How to deactivate Ruby code from executing when it is used inside a code example highlighted with pygments

When you want to highlight ruby-code snippets you will deal with the problem that the code, even when it is wrapped inside the {% highlight ruby linenos %}…{% endhighlight %} tags, it gets executed and you do not see the code snippet itself.

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