My articles about Docker

Connect to an MSSQL Database running on a Docker Container

Running an MSSQL Database inside a Linux Docker Container can be done for many reasons. You might want to host your dockerize your whole web application or even the DB part of it. When using such a Container you want to have an easy way to see the content of the Database. For that we can use the SQL Server Management Studio tool.

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How to install Windows SSL certificates into your Docker Linux container

When using web applications inside a Docker Container you might come across SSL certificates that have to be installed on the running Container. Things get a little bit more complicated when you want to install Windows certificates into a Linux Image. Following you can see the steps to achieve this task.

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A "work in progress"-list with the Docker commands I use the most

With the start of 2019 I began using Docker Containers in the projects I am working on. Working with a command line tool (Windows Powershell, etc.) is essential when creating new containers. In the following list you can find the commands that I use the most:

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