The complete guide on how to update your Jekyll blog to the latest version on your Windows machine

I lately had to install Jekyll on my new machine for some local development and realized that I should also update the Jekyll version of my blog. With this guide I am going to show you the steps for updating your Jekyll blog and how to fix a number of possible errors, if your blog or its dependencies are outdated.

Install the latest version of Jekyll on your Windows machine

Follow the steps described in the Jekyll documentation. No surprises should arise in the step.

Update the .gitignore file of your blog

Add the following .jekyll-cache if not already in the file. This will prohibit git from committing temporary Jekyll files.

Create a new Gemfile or continue using the _config.yml

If your blog depends on an older version of Jekyll (check the package.json file) then on the root folder you will see a _config.yml file but not a Gemfile. If that is the case, you have two options:

Fix any errors or warnings when you run the jekyll serve command

Errors fixes when hosting your blog on GitHub Pages

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