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    How to keep the IIS Application Pools always awake

    When working with “9 to 5” web applications you deal with idle time periods where the users submit few or no requests to specific services of your application. In that cases the first request landing to a service hosted on IIS will take much longer than usual because the service was in sleep mode for better management of resources.

    We can avoid this behavior and keep our services in an always-running mode by applying the following three configurations in IIS:

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    Useful tips and tricks when writing unit tests with Moq (Part II)

    Some time ago I wrote an article about Moq with some tricks I used while unit testing my code.

    In this article you will find some more tips that I found very useful while using the framework.

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    How to use Postman when testing .NET Core WebAPI actions with FromBody and FromForm attributes

    Postman requires no introductions and plenty of resources about this tool can be found online. However, while testing I recently noticed, that the binding of JSON objects to C# primitive types or POCO classes is not documented in detail.

    We are going to see different scenarios of binding while we test against a .NET WebAPI and try to answer the question “why my action is not getting called when everything is set up in Postman?”.

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    How to solve the 502.05 Process Failure error when debugging your application in Visual Studio

    Recently while I was trying to test a demo application with .NET Core I came around the following error message when I was starting the application using F5:

    The 502.05 Process Failure error

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    A "work in progress"-list with the Docker commands I use the most

    With the start of 2019 I began using Docker Containers in the projects I am working on. Working with a command line tool (Windows Powershell, etc.) is essential when creating new containers. In the following list you can find the commands that I use the most:

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