The subscription is not registered for the resource type components in the location Central US error when creating a new Azure Web App in Visual Studio

With the Azure cloud solution from Microsoft we can create a new web application with Visual Studio, deploy it as a Azure Web App and “go live” in only few minutes.

I recently was faced with the “The subscription is not registered for the resource type ‘components’ in the location ‘Central US’” error when I was trying to publish my new web application to a Website (or a Web App) in Azure. Either starting from scratch with a web project and doing the mapping or by using the Publish option of an already created project, I was getting the same error. Visual Studio tried to publish the application to Windows Azure with no success.

The error message is a little bit misleading. I first tried to search for a “component” resource registration in the Azure portal with no success. Then I checked if the versions of my Visual Studio software was up to date, and there is where the solution is.

You have to update to the latest version of Azure SDK or install it from scratch, if you still do not have the package. This solves the problem and also updates the Publish configuration-window to the newest version. You can find the latest SDK here

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